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Kathryn Cunningham
just so good I have worn them as dress pants pure black and straight bottoms
Tomas Larsson
Very comfortable and the band keeps the shorts in place below my belly button not at my waist.
Will definitely order more
Jameka JuJu Johnson
Perfect fit, really soft. Good in both cold and warm weather
Mogy Duinkhorjav
happy with the product
Iliesa Lacanivalu
Product was exactly as pictured, not with the metal reinforced center. My guess is that it depends on the shipper as to which one you get. Coupler was slightly tighter on the shaft then I expected. My suggestion is to go online and watch the videos out there that use the screwdriver handle and hammer to get it on. Took less then 10 minutes for this DIYer.
Margaret Cronin
they're large, which if bought in stores large is not large, only problem is sometimes you run across some not stitched or the stitching was missed, maybe 1 or 2 in 12, still they last longer because the fit is larger and not stretched over your hands and i don't have extremly large hands.

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